Dhaka University Admission Notice & Requirements 2020-21


Dhaka University Admission Notice 2020-21 online application process for admission into the first-year honors programs under the 2020-21 academic session has been published on DU Admission website admission.eis.du.ac.bd. If you are a candidate for Public University admission tests 2020-21 then you can easily apply through the DU website. This year DU Admission 2020-21 will be held in the last week of September 2020. Now we are going to discuss all the related information about Dhaka University Admission Requirements, Online Application Process, Payment Method, Subject List, Seat Plan, and Result. Hopes it will help you get to know more about admission and would be effective in taking good preparation.

University of Dhaka

To start a discussion on Dhaka University Admission 2020-21 academic session, at first we are going to describe a little more about Dhaka University. So that it will be more interesting for you.

The University of Dhaka is the largest and oldest public university in Bangladesh. This university established in 1921 during the British period and it has made significant contributions to the modern history of Bangladesh, especially for the Language Movement in 1952 and the Freedom War in 1971 of Bangladesh.

Today, it is also one of the largest public research university in Bangladesh, with a student body of more than 30,000 thousand and a faculty of 13 and 83 Departments. There are 23 residence halls for the students with the named of some of the great personalities of Bangladesh, whose positive influence helped us to make a decent nation.

The University Library, spread across three different buildings, is the biggest in Bangladesh, comprising 617,000 volumes. There is also a medical center with 24/7 service and a dental unit, eye unit, X-Ray department, and two ambulances.

There is also some of the renowned sculpture in the university area, such as Aparajeyo Bangla (অপরাজেয় বাংলা), Shoparjito Shadhinota, Shadhinotar Shonggram, Swadhinata Sangram Sculpture‎ and so on. Besides, university students and teachers played a vital role in the rise of present politics, cultures, economics and socials development of Bangladesh.

Dhaka University Faculty List

At present, the university consists of 13 Faculties and 83 individual Departments. Here is the complete faculty list at Dhaka University.

  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Business Studies
  • Faculty of Biological Science
  • Faculty of Engineering and Technology
  • Faculty of Fine Arts
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Postgraduate Medical Sciences and Research

Dhaka University Subject List

Are you searching for Dhaka University all subject list? Then you are in the right place. DU Admission circular notice 2020-21 already published. So, before taking admission you must know details about all subject lists of the Dhaka University.  Here we are going to share all the 5 unit subject lists separately so that you can get admission easily all those subjects in the 2020-21 academic session. See the Dhaka University Subject List for all 5 Units below.

Dhaka University A/Ka Unit Subject List

There is a total of 10 Faculty/Institutes and 31 Departments/Subjects in Dhaka University Ka unit. Here we describe Dhaka University A Unit Subject list with seat capacity below. Then you can decide which subject is best for you.

Note: Subject preference changes according to demand.

Dhaka University B/Kha Unit Subjects List

DU Kha Unit (B Unit) has a large number of seats in the various different subjects among the others unit at Dhaka University. Especially the Arts and Social Science Faculty disciplines are selected for the humanities students who want to study in B Unit in their preferred subject. Here we describe Dhaka University Kha Unit Subject list with seat capacity below. Then you can decide which subject is best for you.

Note: We make this B Unit Subject list and the total number of the seat according to the Admission Guide of Dhaka University 2016-17 academic session. According to the demand, This year admission candidate will apply against 2383+ seats in Dhaka University 2020-21 academic session undergraduate admission.

Institute of Business Administration

Dhaka University C/Ga Unit Subjects List

Dhaka University C unit is the best for all the students who are a business-minded as well as want to be an Entrepreneur or a Businessman and those for all who love to build a career in the corporate world.  Here we describe Dhaka University Gha Unit Subject list with seat capacity below. Then you can decide which subject is best for you.

Dhaka University D/Gha Unit Subjects List

Dhaka University D Unit is open for all disciplines students. Science, Humanities and Business Studies Students can apply with a certain qualification in SSC and HSC. This year admission candidate can apply against 1560 seats in Dhaka University Gha Unit. Usually, DU admission authority is elected a number of seats for each discipline. Dhaka University D unit is good for Science and Business Discipline students.

Institute of Fine Arts

Dhaka University E/Cha Unit Subjects List

The Faculty of Fine Arts was first founded in 1948 as the name of Dhaka Art School. It was the first cultural practice center in our country when it was East Pakistan. In 2008, this institute became with the name of Faculty of Fine Arts (FFA) at the University of Dhaka. At present, The faculty consists of 8 departments which are listed below. If you have a big dream with drawing and painting, Graphic Design, Sculpture then you can take an admission Dhaka University Cha Unit.

Dhaka University Admission Notice 2020-21

Dhaka University Admission Circular 2020-21 academic session for the undergraduate program has been published. If you want to download the DU Admission Notice 2020-21 then you can easily download from the Dhaka University website or our website either PDF or images version.

Dhaka University Admission Circular 2020-21
Dhaka University Admission Notice
Dhaka University Admission Circular

How to Apply Dhaka University Admission 2020-21

If you are a candidate for Dhaka University Admission 2020-21 academic session under graduation program so you are welcome and best of luck for your DU Admission test.

At first visit Dhaka University Admission Website admission.eis.du.ac.bd.  Then you get all the unit’s admission guide, notice and apply links. Before application, you should read all the guidelines for all 5 units carefully. Besides, read all the yellow box instructions for all pages.

Now, To apply for admission in your preferred unit, just click on the ‘Apply/Login’ button in the Dhaka University Admission Website.

After clicking on the ‘Apply/Login’ button, then put your HSC Roll Number, Passed Year and Board Name with SSC Roll Number then click on the Progress button. Then you can see all the information on the HSC and SSC Exam that you entered before. Now if you see that you are eligible to apply on preferred units then click the confirm button.

Then follow the next steps according to the admission guide.

Download Unit Wise DU Admission Notice 2020-21

We have already discussed that DU Admission authority has been published the admission circular 2020-21 on the official website. They also published all the 5 unit admission notice separately. After downloaded the notice you can easily know the Dhaka University Admission Test Question pattern that will help you to get the right preparation in the admission exam.

          DU 5 Unit Admission Notice 2020-21          Click for Download
          A Unit ( Ka Unit ) Admission Notice               Download
         B Unit ( Kha Unit ) Admission Notice               Download
         C Unit ( Ga Unit ) Admission Notice               Download
         D Unit ( Gha Unit ) Admission Notice               Download
         E Unit ( Cha Unit ) Admission Notice               Download

Dhaka University Admission Requirements

Dhaka University is the largest and renowned public university in Bangladesh as well as South Asia.  The University has 5 different units that consist of 13 faculty and 83 individual departments for the students who want to study in Dhaka University. DU Admission authority has been published the admission requirements guide for all the 5 units in the Dhaka University Admission Website  (admission.eis.du.ac.bd) of Dhaka University. However, For your better realization here we added all the requirements shortly.

DU Admission Timeline and Important Information

          Online Application Date Begin             5th August 2020 After 4.00 PM
          Online Application Date Closed      27th August 2020 Midnight 12.00 AM
               Admission Test Duration               Ka Unit (A Unit) 1:30 Hours
            Kha Unit (B Unit) 1:30 Hours
               Ga Unit (C Unit) 1:30 Hours
              Gha Unit (D Unit) 1:30 Hours
              Cha Unit (E Unit) 2:30 Hours
         Online Application Admission Fee                                450 Taka
           Admit Card Download Duration       3rd September to Before Exam Date
                      Application Link                http://admission.eis.du.ac.bd/

Dhaka University Admission Test Time Table

Dhaka University Admission Mark Distribution

Dhaka University has announced to take the written test, first time ever in history for the 2020-21 admission test candidate. The MCQ test will be taken on 75 marks and a written test will be held on 45 marks. For more details see the chart below.

          Unit                             MCQ Exam            Written Exam
              Mark           Time       Mark        Time
 Ka Unit – A Unit                   75        50 Minutes          45    40 Minutes
Kha Unit – B Unit                  75        50 Minutes          45    40 Minutes
Ga Unit – C Unit                  75        50 Minutes          45    40 Minutes
Gha Unit – D Unit                  75        50 Minutes         45    40 Minutes
Cha Unit – E Unit  50 (General Knowledge)        60 Minutes 70 (Drawing)    90 Minutes

Dhaka University Admission Test Result

After participating in the admission examination every candidate eagerly waits for the admission result. Usually, Dhaka University Admission Test Result will publish on the DU official website within 21 working days after finishing the exam. After published the admission result we will update about it. Then you can easily get your result through our website.

Final Words About Dhaka University Admission

If you think this post is helpful for you to get all the related information about Dhaka University Admission 2020-21 academic session undergraduate program then share with your friends who also want to participate in Dhaka University Admission this year. On the other hand, if you think we need to add more information regarding this topic then you are welcome to write your suggestion in the comment section below. We appreciate your valuable suggestions and try to reply back on your answer as well.  Best of luck

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