HSC Result Publish Date 2020 and Marksheet All Education Board BD

Education Ministry announced the HSC result date 2020 in Bangladesh. Based on the education board result website’s press release of all education boards in Bangladesh, HSC result 2020 publish date is 17th July 2020. All the students of Dhaka Education Board, Rajshahi Education Board, Barisal Education Board, Comilla Education Board, Jessore Education Board, Mymensingh Education Board, Sylhet Education Board, Dinajpur Education Board will get the result once it becomes available on education board websites and through SMS.

Higher Secondary Certificate exam is very along with all other public exams in Bangladesh. It is very important and significant for every student. Because students are studying very hard to get a good result in this board examination. Previously it was the first board exam after a student started their student life. you are a candidate for HSC exam result 2020, you’ve gotta keep patience for your result till 17th July 2020 until the final result comes up.  Dr. Dipu Moni, the ministry of education board will approve the result to announce among the current year’s HSC result candidates who are eagerly waiting for the special day. We wish you the best of luck for whatever result finally comes up. You studied hard to learn, to improve yourself. So, whether you get GPA 5 or not, you pass on this exam or not you can always be the person that you want to be. So, don’t rush for the result, just keep learning new things every day.


HSC Result 2020 All Education Board Publish Date 

The general rules of education board of Bangladesh including the Madrasah board All public exam results like H.S.C has to be published within 60-90 days once the public exam is finished. According to these rules, the most possible date of publishing the HSC result of this year is the last week of July because the exam has been finished on 13th May 2020. So, according to our calculation, and depending on the publishing date of the last few years HSC result publishing date. This year’s higher secondary school certificate result should be published within 17th July 2020.

HSC Exam Result 2020 Publishing Methods of Bangladesh

Each and Every year in our country candidates get the HSC and Madrasah board results after three months of the exam. So, probably at 17th July after 10 am our newly elected Education Minister of Bangladesh Dr. Dipu Moni will officially transfer the HSC result sheet to our honorable prime minister Sheikh Hasina and she will announce the exact number of total passed students, the percentage of passing students this year and also the total number of GPA 5 that HSC candidates got all over the country. All our public television channel in the country will show the announcement and the HSC result statistics of 2020. Then students will start receiving the result from college after 2 pm and anyone can also check the result from this website: http://www.educationboard.gov.bd and at the same time, Students also can get their HSC result 2020 through mobile SMS

HSC Students Statistics 2020

Each and every year a lot of students appear in the HSC examination around the country. In this year total,13,51,309 students appear in the HSC exam 2020. 

Here are some statistics of the HSC Examinee in 2020

  • Eight General Education Board – 1,13,8550 Students 
  • Madrasah Education Board – 78,451 Students 
  • Technical Education Board – 12,4265 Students 
  • Total Exam Center – 2,580 Students
  • Female students 618,272
  • Male students 692,730

Previous Year HSC Result Date 

 You can easily know the previous year of HSC result date through seeing the below statistics:  

  • Wednesday, 27th July 2011 
  • Wednesday, 18th July 2012 
  • Saturday, 3rd August 2013 
  • Wednesday, 13th August 2014 
  • Sunday, 9th August 2015 
  • Thursday, 18th August 2016 
  • Sunday, 23rd July 2017 
  • Thursday, 19th July 2018 

Based on the above statistics, this year the HSC result 2020 will be published in the last week of July 2020 and the most possible result published date is Friday, 19 July 2020. 

All Education Board HSC Exam Result 2020

H.S.C (Higher Secondary Certificate) exam started on 1st April 2020 this year and it finished on 11th May 2020. Two exams were propounded due to early question leak and those exams happened after all the scheduled exams according to the HSC exam routine 2020. According to the statistics of all education boards in Bangladesh including the Dhaka Education Board and Rajshahi Education board almost twelve lakh, eighteen thousand, six hundred and twenty-eight 12,18,628 HSC students/candidates participated in higher secondary certificate exam 2020 and all of them are waiting for the result to come out. Among all these HSC result candidates there is Six lakh, fifty-four thousand and one hundred fourteen (6,54,114) students are boys and other Fiver lakhs sixty-four thousand, five hundred and fourteen (5,64,514) candidates are girls. These students performed from Eight thousand, three hundred and five (8,305) Educational institutes including college and Madrasah in all education board of Bangladesh.

Three Simple Methods to Get HSC Exam Result 2020

There are three simple methods are available to the official website of the Education Board to check the HSC exam result in 2020. The First (1st method) is the Online Method and the ( 2nd Second) method is Mobile SMS and the third (3rd method) is Mobile apps. For you better understand we make a list of all simple methods. Please see the given below.

These simple methods are here

  1. Colleges
  2. Education Board Official Website
  3. Mobile SMS
  4. Web-based Result Publication
  5. Different/Individual Education Board Website
  6. Result by Android Apps

We have described below all the simple methods that we mentioned earlier. To get more details about the HSC result 2020 just read it out all of the text.

Check HSC Result 2020 by Internet for All Education Board

The best and popular way to check any kind of result in Bangladesh through the Internet. Students can easily check his/her results by visiting the website of the Education Board. The search process is very simple. Just follow step by step all the guidelines below.  

Step One: At first, Open a browser on your mobile, computer or laptop. Then search to write on the name of Intermediate and Secondary Education Boards official website like this–  www.educationboardresults.gov.bd  

Step Two: After showing the official website you have to select some of the required fields/categories to get your result quickly. 

First, If you are a student of General and Madrasha Board (Humanities, Business Studies, and Science or Alim Group) So you need to select your examination category HSC/Alim. For more details see the interface below:

check hsc result step 1
Check HSC Result by Internet | educationboard-result.com.bd

or if you are a student of the Technical Board (Vocation Group) So you need to select the HSC (Vocational) category. For more details see the interface below:

check hsc result step 2
Check HSC Result by Internet | educationboard-result.com.bd

Step Three: After selection, the Examination category then selects the Examination Year. Like, if you are an HSC/Alim candidates of 2020 so you need to select 2020 in the Year category. For more details see the interface below:

check hsc result step 3
Check HSC Result by Internet | educationboard-result.com.bd

Step Four: After following the steps threes you have to select your Board.  Suppose, If you are the candidates of Dhaka Board then select Dhaka, and if you are the candidates of Rajshahi Board then select Rajshahi. Similarly, you can select as a board that you belong to.  For more details see the interface below:

check hsc result step 4
Check HSC Result by Internet |

Step Five: After Selection the each of the Education Board then you need to enter your examination roll in the Roll fields.   For more details see the interface below: 

check hsc result step 5
Check HSC Result by Internet | educationboard-result.com.bd

Step Five: After putting the examination roll in the Roll fields then you need to enter your Registration Number carefully in the Registration field.  For more details see the interface below: 

check hsc result step 6
Check HSC Result by Internet | educationboard-result.com.bd

Step Six: Now fill up the last field of reCAPTCHA (reCAPTCHA is a free security service that protects websites from spam and abuse).  For sure, You need to put the right result on the reCAPTCHA verification fields otherwise it will not work that’s mean you will not see the HSC result 2020 of yours. For more details see the interface below: 

check hsc result step 6
Check HSC Result by Internet | educationboard-result.com.bd

Check HSC Result 2020 by SMS Method for All Education Board

 Mobile SMS is one of the best and easiest way to get any kind of education board result fast and quickly. But most of the students don’t know the SMS format. Here, we are going to share the full SMS format of HSC Result 2020 for your better understand. By following this format, students can easily get their results. But every SMS will charge 2.50 BDT for any SIM company operator.  

The All Education Board Short form is checked below: 

  • Dhaka – DHA
  • Sylhet – SYL
  • Chittagong – CHI
  • Rajshahi – RAJ
  • Dinajpur – DIN
  • Comilla -COM
  • Jessore – JES
  • Barisal – BAR
  • Technical – TEC
  • Madrasah – MAD

Mobile SMS Format 

Teletalk SIM operator is the official publisher for all Education Board Results of Bangladesh. So if you want to get your result quickly so You can check the result through your Teletalk SIM by using any mobile phone. To get the result by SMS format just follow the steps. 

SMS Format for HSC Result 2020

HSC<space>DHA<space>Roll Number<space>2020 send to 16222

SMS Format for Technical Board 2020

HSC<space>Tech<space>Roll Number<space>2020 send to 16222

SMS Format for Alim Result 2020

Alim<space>MAD<space>RollNumber<space>2020 send to 16222

HSC Exam Result 2020 Mark sheet

Generally, All the Education Board of Bangladesh will provide HSC Exam result with full Marksheet on their official websites. It helps students to check out their results on every subject. If you want to get your result with a full mark sheet, then you can visit their different official websites, when the result is available.

HSC Result 2020 for All Education Board Check by Android APPS

Some private companies and the Education Board of Bangladesh also created an official app for the results. Anyone can easily check his/her results through the apps. It’s a great application for the students who really love to see their exam results from one application (Android APPS). Usually, Here you can check your PSC, JSC, SSC, HSC, Degree, Honours, Masters, Professional, etc exam results of Bangladesh.

Checking HSC exam result 2020 for all education board through Android application is a very easy procedure. To check out your HSC result 2019, follow the steps below:-

Step 1-  At first, you need to download the Apps by write on ” HSC Exam Result or Education Board Result” from Google Play Store.

Step 2 – Then You need the apps to download and install it on your mobile phone.

Step 3 – When HSC exam result 2020 will publish under the official website of the education board, then just open your pre-installed apps. 

Step 4 – After open this android app, you need to select your result and then type HSC, Education Board Name, Passing Year and also enter your exam Roll Number. 

Step 5 – Then click on the submit button on the exact time when the result is published (usually, after 2 PM) on the official website of the Education Board. Then, you will get your own HSC exam 2019 result very easily and quickly.  See the interface of the app below:

Education result by apps
HSC Result 2020 By Apps | educationboard-result.com.bd

HSC Exam Result 2020 Grading System for All Education Board

Usually, the HSC exam result grading system had been made by the Education Board of Bangladesh since they have upgraded the Division Mark system to GPA (Grade Point Average). For more details about the grading system in HSC Exam Result, please  see the interface below: 

grading system
HSC Result Grading System | educationboard-result.com.bd

Web Based Result Publication System for All Education Board

Web Based Result Publication System is another website where you will get all Bangladesh Education Board result archives, with detailed marks if available, for JSC, JDC, SSC, DAKHIL, HSC, ALIM, and VOCATIONAL exams.

The Website address is  https://eboardresults.com/  For more details see the interface below:

web based education result
Web Based Education Result 2020 | educationboard-result.com.bd

Bangladesh All Education Board’s Official Website

More Information About HSC Result 2020

If you need more information about HSC Exam Result 2020, leave your valuable comments below. One of our specialists will communicate with you as soon as when they are available. Thank you for visiting our website.

Finally, We hope this article will helpful for you to get your HSC result 2020 easily. If yes so you can support us by sharing this post with your Friends & Family member. We think this article may also be important to them.

You can check SSC result 2020 Marksheet on Education Board Result site.

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